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URGENT: Horses in Egypt need our help

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PETA Asia have documented terrible abuse of horses in Egypt.  You can see the footage on You Tube here and watch the video below - beware, it is distressing to see.  

They are being forced to take carriages, full of people, in awful heat at the topo tourist sites.  They have no shade, or shelter or water.  

PETA Asia’s footage shows the horses eating rubbish in skips to survive.

This can lead to colic which can be deadly and is very painful.

The horses are worked all the time, and they are beaten when they falter – even when they collapse.

PETA Asia says that many of the horses used for rides in Luxor and Giza had painful, bloody wounds.  But they were still taking tourists (who should know better than to use the horse carts if the horses are in this state).  Horses with very bad injuries don’t get veterinary care.  Some have been branded with red-hot metal ions.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Giza Governorate claimed they would act to ban the rides months ago. 

Nothing has changed.

PETA Asia has a petition on their website urging the Egyptian government to ban horse drawn carriages at once.

3 actions you can take:

  1. Please help horses and sign the petition here.
  2. Please spread the word on social media about the petition
  3. Please don’t take part in such rides whilst on holiday.

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