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Help animals in Israel

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You have probably seen the terrible situation in Israel.

Violence has erupted and rockets are bringing destruction and death.   People are abandoning their animals – dogs, cats, donkeys and horses.

Help animals in Israel who are affected by the fightingPlease help animals in Israel affected by the terrible fighting

But Network For Animals have teams out in Israel, who are working under fire to save the animals.  And Brian and Gloria from Network for Animals have been in touch to ask for help. 

One example is Bar, a horse who was found tied to a pole in a waste facility by Network for Animals’ partner, the Starting Over Sanctuary. 

Bar was skin and bones and starving.  He could barely stand, he was so weak.  He is dehydrated and suffering from malnutrition. He needs 24 hour care.   The team needs to help him to his feet twice daily – they use a crane to do this.

And more and more cases are coming into the sanctuary. 

Network for Animals are asking us all to help them.   They urgently need to get food and emergency medical equipment and medicine to help the animals caught in the crossfire.

If you can donate, please donate.  If we can share, please share.

The animals have nowhere else to go.   The Starting Over Sanctuary is their only hope. 

Please donate today!

There is also a zoo in Jerusalem.   Visit Jerusalem Biblical Zoo's Facebook page for updates and ways to help.

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