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Rupert the Bear is blossoming in the safety of a sanctuary with Free the Bears

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On World Wildlife Day (3rd March), Free the Bears set out to rescue a little moon bear cub.

The cub had been seen for sale on social media.  He was chained to a pole by the neck.

And Free The Bears managed to rescue him – he was terrified.   They transferred him to their Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary and the cub nursery there.

Since his arrival, he’s gained weight and confidence.  Not only that, he has a new name – Rupert!

So here he is..... Enjoy!

Free the Bears have also been involved in another rescue - and we wait to see what happens to this poor little bear who is in a pitiful state in Vietnam.

The male bear has been caged for 20 years - he did have a female moon bear friend, but she sadly died.  The male bear is very sick, he isn't eating and things don't look good for him.   Free the Bears set out today, 17 March, on the 10 hour journey to see what they can do to help him.   They will try to bring him to sanctuary to treat him or, at least, reduce his suffering.

Free the Bears say that non-profit  WildAct Vietnam helped fund this rescue from proceeds of the amazing storybook 'Saving Sorya: Chang & the Sun Bear' which was inspired by a stint of volunteering at Free the Bears Cambodia. 

Good luck to this moon bear and thank you to everyone at Free the Bears. 

Visit their facebook page for updates. 

Visit their website to see how you can help. 

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