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Help Four Paws #FreeKaavan from Marghazar Zoo in Pakistan

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#FreeKaavan: Save the World’s loneliest elephant

The charity Four Paws have a goal:  to give the animals at the Marghazar Zoo in Pakistan a new life full of care and happiness. 

And there’s someone there who particularly needs help.

He’s called Kaavan.

Kaavan is an Asian Elephant.

He’s lived restrained by chains for 30 years.  Since 2012, he’s been on his own – his only companion, Saheli, died then.


Four Paws want to bring Kaavan to a sanctuary in Cambodia, a journey of over 4,000 kilometres.

They have the support of the IWMB and Pakistani community.

Kaavan has the green light to go after being examined. But Four Paws need help to give Kaavan the medical care he needs after three decades in confinement and isolation.   He’ll be their heaviest rescue so far, and he’ll be loaded into a custom-built create onto a heavy-duty cargo plane for his journey – the weight of Kaavan and his crate is about 10 tons!

Will you help?  Please spread the word – and better still, donate!  Every little will help this huge elephant take this huge step to sanctuary!

About Four Paws

Four paws is a global animal welfare organization.  It’s vision is “a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.”

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