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SPANA needs help to help abandoned working animals

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SPANA work to help working animals in many countries around the world.  My other half and I saw them at work in Marrakech, helping hard-working horses.

But SPANA report that many working animals such as horses, donkeys and mules are being abandoned and left to fend for themselves as their owners have lost their income during the times of the coronavirus.  They cannot afford to keep their animals.

Many owners who are in this situation think that if they can’t feed their animals, then the best thing to do is to let them go so that they can forage for themselves.  Then at the least, they have a chance of survival.

Thousands of working animals are now left to fight for their lives.  They are defenceless and alone. 

In Africa, SPANA’s teams have seen an increase in traffic accidents as more animals are roaming freely since lockdown.

Some abandoned animals are being discovered and brought to SPANA with problems such as colic – they’ve been scavenging for food and eating things which aren’t edible.   They’ve been gathering together and mixing which has meant that infectious disease and parasites have spread.

Stray dogs and abandoned equids have attacked each other out of hunger and frustration.

They need emergency feed, life-saving treatment and knowledgeable, expert care.  

SPANA are asking for donations to help them care for abandoned working animals.  Please spread the word and see how you can help today.


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