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Donkey lovers of the world unite to help donkeys!

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If you love donkeys, please take a moment to read about two ways to help them.

Call on world leaders to ban the donkey skin trade

The Brooke says that at the moment, millions of donkeys are being killed across the world so that their skin can be sold to create traditional Chinese medicine and cosmetics.

This is a very cruel trade:  sometimes the donkeys are stolen, driven hundreds of miles without food or water and brutally killed at the end of the journey.

As well as being very cruel to the donkeys, it means that families are left without their precious donkeys who help families earn a living.  Without the donkeys, the families fall deeper into poverty.

At the moment, ten countries have announced trade bans, including Senegal and Pakistan.

We need more world leaders to join them and end this cruelty. Our aim needs to be a global ban?

Will you demand action for donkeys and donkey owners today?

Help donkeys and owners in Kenya

A ban on the donkey skin trade was announced in Kenya in February 2020, and donkey owners were full of joy.   They could sleep at night knowing their donkey – and their livelihood – were safe.  The threat of their donkeys being stolen had been removed.

Unfortunately, slaughterhouses and traders are going to court to try to overturn the ban. 

We need to put pressure on politicians and demand they keep their promise.  We need to ensure the public and politicians understand how vital this ban is.

Two actions we can all take to help donkeys:

1.   Please share this video to keep the campaign in the spotlight.   It tells the stories from donkey owners in Kenya.

Please call on world leaders to ban the donkey skin trade

Please call on world leaders to ban the donkey skin trade

2.   Please sign the petition urging world leaders to take action and ban the global donkey skin trade. 

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