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Giving Day for Apes is on 13 October 2020

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The 13 October 2020 is a HUGE day for Apes.

It’s a chance to dig into all our pockets and to help make a difference to them. 

The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries have a global day of giving, which is supporting 37 qualified sanctuaries and rescue centres.

The 37 centres all provide rehabilitation or long-term care for apes in Africa, Asia and North America.

Giving Day for Apes first took place in 2014 and ever since it’s been helping to raise awareness for ape conservation.  It’s helped sanctuaries and rescues, raising money for ape care and advocacy.

And in the six years since that first event, over $2 million have been raised.

So what’s happening in 2020?

The goal:  to raise $500,000.

On the 13th October, qualified sanctuaries and rescue centres compete on leaderboards to raise the most money for their cause and win prizes generously given by sponsors.

See the ape organisations taking part 
 - please donate to one, or if you can't donate, share and spread the word. 

Who are the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries?

It’s an international accrediting body for sanctuaries, rescues and rehabilitation centres.

It helps sanctuaries “to help animals through accreditation, collaboration, mentoring, and the development of greater recognition and resources for sanctuaries worldwide.”

Visit the Giving Day for Apes website here



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