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Don't miss: Elephant Hospital on Channel 5 on Tuesday 14 June 2022

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March 2024:  Looking at Paul O'Grady's Great Elephant Adventure? 
Take a look here for the elephant sanctuaries featured on the programmme.

Date for your diary:  12 August 
It's World Elephant Day. 

Find out more here

It's back! Don't miss this on Channel 5 on Tuesday 14 June 2022.

The programme is called Elephant Hospital and it's the world's largest elephant hospital nestled in the forests of Thailand in Lampang. It's open 24/7 and is a sort of NHS for elephants. The team of highly skilled and very dedicated staff never know what sort of problems the elephants will be arriving with but they all do their very best to help them.  

Paul O'Donoghue and Katheirne Connor head back to the hospital for this new series (four parts).  It cares for over 100 sick, injured or neglected animals every year.  And if the elephants can't come to the hospital, the vets go to the elephants!

This is a heart-warming series with uplifting and unexpected stories, be they treating an elephant with cancer or a baby elephant being fed with a giant milk bottle!  There's an elephant with severe diarrhoea, and a male elephant who has been attacked by another bull elephant.  It's all go, as the incredible team try to help each elephant as best they can. 

Find out more from Channel 5

I am looking for ways to donate to this hospital - watch this space

It's supported by Friends of the Asian Elephant and here is their Facebook page.

Their website is here.


THANK YOU to everyone at the hospital for all you do for these wonderful elephants. 

The World Elephant Day website has LOTS of information about ways to help elephants, whatever day of the year it is so please take a look at it here.

See our list of elephant conservation charities here

How about an elephant conservation holiday?  Take a look at the range of choices with Responsible Travel
How about an elephant conservation holiday? 
Take a look at the range of choices 
with Responsible Travel

You could adopt an orphan elephant from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
You could adopt an orphan elephant
from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Image ©David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


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  1. Stuart

    This was a wonderful 2 part viewing , very upset that it wasn?t a longer series hopefully channel 5 will start filming again very soon at the hospital and make it a great and longer series .

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  2. Christine Hall

    What an wonderful programme. The best wildlife series to have been shown on TV for a long time. Hope they film more in the future. The staff at the Elephant Hospital do such amazing work.

    Posted on

  3. Rosemary Fowler

    We have watched the wonderful work being done at the Elephant Hospital . On the first programme an Elephant arrived called Tong Bai. Is she the same Elephant that was at PearlVillage Holiday Park in Phucket. We visited there in 2000 and worried about what might have happened to her after the Tsunami.

    Posted on

  4. Brenda Markham

    Why are neck ropes/chains/body chains and bull hooks still being used on these elephants we are seeing in the programme? They live in sanctuaries, I?m horrified to see these despicable signs of torture blatantly obvious whilst watching this channel 5 programme. Why?!!!

    Posted on

  5. Lindsay Oliver

    Is the narrator Jill Halfpenny? I?ve been trying to google it for over an hour, such a familiar voice!

    Posted on

  6. Gill Hill

    Who is the narrator on The Elephant Hospital on channel 5 tonight?

    Posted on

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