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Send a bear hug with Animals Asia!

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If you can't be with the one you love: send them a bear hug.

And Animals Asia gives you the chance to do just that, literally to send a bear hug to your loved ones!

Send a bear hug and give the bear sanctuaries with Animal Asia your support!

Send a bear hug 
Give the bear sanctuaries with Animal Asia your support!
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Animals Asia rescue bears who have been trapped by the dreadful bear bile industry.   Bears love hugs, just like we do – and so the bear sanctuaries Animals Asia have in China and Vietnam are really important to them. 

Today, I sent 5 people I love Bear Hugs!   It’s easy to do.

Send a bear hug today!

This bear is having a blissful time in the pool
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When you send a bear hug, you can also help real bears by making a gift.   They are asking that, if you can, please make a donation of £5 for each hug you send – and then they can help real bears!   You can make a donation in £, $, Euros, Australian $ or Hong Kong $.



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