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World Veterinary Day -- 25 April 2020

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World Veterinary Day has given us all the chance to celebrate the incredible contributions of vets to the health of animals and society.  Vets know that the health of the environment, people and animals are linked.   If there are negative changes to the environment, that affects us all.

On 25 April 2020, World Veterinary Day takes place.  It’s a chance to celebrate the work of vets to protect our environment. There are things you can do here, whether you're a veterinary professional or a pet owner. 

Thank you to everyone in the veterinary profession

A big thank you to everyone connected with veterinary practice, from the amazing veterinary nurses who are such a comfort to animals and their owners, to vets themselves who never know what their day will hold and what will come through the door on the end of a lead.  Thank you to all those who work on reception who have to deal with some very stressful situations and phone calls.  A huge thank you to all those involved in veterinary charities.

We have been well and truly blessed with the vets we have seen over the years, and we thank everyone who works to look after animals and their owners.

So on World Veterinary Day, here’s a chance to look at (veterinary) charities who work to improve animal welfare around the world:

Worldwide Veterinary Service
The Worldwide Veterinary Service is dedicated to animal welfare.  Whether sending vital aid parcels to organisations working in the poorest areas, delivering expert veterinary training to improve the standard of care worldwide or mobilising vets on the ground, the charity is committed to animal welfare. Take a look at some of the volunteer opportunities for vets and vet nurses!


Streetvet delivers free veterinary care to the homeless and their pets on the streets of a number of UK cities including London, Brighton, Southampton, Birmingham, Swansea, Lincoln, Peterborough, Reading, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Plymouth, Glasgow, Gloucester, Swindon, Cornwall…. It’s expanding all the time!


Street Paws provides veterinary care and outreach for animals owned by homeless people in the North East, North West, Wales, Northern Ireland and Yorkshire.  You can find where they are when on their website.


The Pet’s Dispensary for Sick Animals provides free veterinary care for those who qualify, and seeks to improve animal welfare by educating owners, preventing disease and carrying out life-saving operations.

Blue Cross

As well as rescuing pets, the Blue Cross offers free veterinary services to pets for owners who qualify.  They also run the Pet Bereavement Support Service for owners who are finding the loss of a pet difficult to cope with.

Pet Blood Bank

Pet Blood Bank UK is the only charity providing a canine blood bank service for all veterinary practitioners in the UK.  Could your dog be a donor?  Find out!

Snip International

UK registered charity SNIP International is dedicated to improving standards of animal welfare around the world. In particular SNIP International promotes neutering programmes aimed at stray and feral animals.

The Brooke

The Brooke help with veterinary treatment for working animals around the world; it educates owners and helps to improve veterinary care.  It employs over 150 vets, and over 6,000 vets, paravets and other healthcare professionals work with the Brook through its partners or in training.  Vet teams have a good understanding of how working animals and their owners work in the local areas they are in, and of the challenges they face.

Give the gift of 5 portable water troughs and improve the welfare of animals
Give the gift of 5 portable water troughs
and improve the welfare of animals with the Brooke
©The Brooke


SPANA work in a number of countries around the world, providing free veterinary care, community and professional training in animal welfare, and teaching animal welfare education.  Like the Brooke, SPANA focusing its efforts on working animals.

Animal Health Trust

The AHW is a veterinary and scientific research charity dedicated to the health and welfare of your animal.  But the things they research and discover improve the lives of animals around the world.


SCAS was established in 1979 to promote the study of human-companion animal interactions and raise awareness of the importance of pets in society. They have a lot of information on the animal-human bond, pets and housing, animal-assisted interventions and pets and mental health.  It’s a wonderful charity with a different angle to most.  Do take a look.




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