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Stop China from Abusing Wild Animals for COVID-19 "Treatment

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Here’s a way to help wild animals wherever you are in the world and it will only take a minute and it’s free to do it.

The IDA (that’s In Defense of Animals) emailed about action that's needed.

Bear bile and goat horn....

China’s National Health Commission recently released a list of recommended treatments for the coronavirus. 

Although they had (temporarily) banned the trade and consumption of wild animals on 24 February, on 4 March, the published list recommended – and I can’t believe this – well, maybe I can – an injection with bear bile and goat horn as a treatment for COVID-19.  IDA point out that there are many bear bile alternatives.   And the World Health Organisation asserts there is no known cure for COVID-19 at the moment.

Bear bile is cruelly extracted from bears held captive on bear bile farms in China and South East Asia.  Often their cages are so small that they cannot move.  They have no space, no freedom to roam and they are denied everything they need to thrive.  A syringe, a catheter or pipe are inserted into an animal’s gallbladder to extract the bile.  And bears have to undergo this time and time again.

 Bears like this one need all of us to ACT NOW

Bears like this one need all of us to ACT NOW

Put pressure on China

IDA are asking that we all join them in contacting China’s public health authorities and decision makers to ask for a PERMANENT ban on all exploitation of wild animals.  This will help prevent future pandemics.  As they say….

“Why would the Chinese government choose to temporarily ban the trade and consumption of wild animals to prevent the spread of disease, while promoting the exploitation of wild animals as an unsubstantiated treatment for COVID-19?”


So here’s what you can do to help stop this happening:

Join IDA in urging the Chinese Ambassador to the US and the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China to withdraw their recommendation of wild-animal derived coronavirus treatments.

  • Sign their pledge to protect all animals, humans and non-humans, and our collective future on earth
  • Send the letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the US and China’s National Health Commission which IDA have here – it’s easy to do.


And then spread the word.


While you’re doing that, you might also like to spread the word about the work Education for Nature – Vietnam – is doing to stop bear bile farming.   Visit their website here



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  1. Mr Mervyn Lea Mrs Elizabeth Lea.

    This evil cruelty must stop we and millions of others all over the world condemn this inhuman selfish and pointless treatment of bears and other poor animals in china .

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  2. Sara Huggard

    I am promoting my petition, asking the British government to "Engage internationally to end bear bile farming". I need 10,000 signatures to get a government response. I hope you can help. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/332653

    Posted on

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