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Help Protect Endangered Shark and Ray Species - they need your voice NOW

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Sharks need your voice NOW 
©Pew Charitable Trust

Add your voice for sharks NOW

Every year, 273 million sharks are killed.

For shortfin mako sharks, this overfishing has meant they have declined in every major ocean, that decline ranging from a whopping 96% to 60%.

And now, some of their ray relatives – giant guitarfish and wedgefish – have been declared to be the most imperilled marine fish families on earth.


In a few dates, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) has an opportunity to protect them from fishing that’s illegal and unsustainable

The EU already supports these safeguards (including the UK).

The Pew Charitable Trust has an opportunity for us all to thank policy makers for supporting protections for mako sharks, giant guitarfish and wedgefish. 

CITES Parties meet in August to look at 3 proposals that would add 18 shark and ray species to Appendix II including makos, giant guitarfish and wedgefish. 

Please tell EU leaders that you support protections for these species—and that you want them added to Appendix II this month. Send your message today


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