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Please help these caged bears in Armenia - sign this petition

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Take a look at these bears in this cage.

Help save these bears from this cage in Armenia - please sign this petition

Will you give your love and support to three bears?

They are stuck in a filthy, barren cage in Armenia.  The bears are used by the owner of Ashtaraki Dzor restaurant to attract visitors and tourists to the venue.

There have been complaints from local animal lovers – but the owner won’t let International Animal Rescue rescue the bears.

The bears have no dignity, freedom or ability to express natural wild bear behaviour.  They are suffering mentally and physically.

They should be roaming about the mountains, not stuck in a cage.

So the idea is that the petition raises awareness of the dreadful plight of these three bears, and puts pressure on the owner to let them go.

Once International Animal Rescue has the green light to rescue these bears, it will move them to their purpose-build rescue centre.

There they will be treated with compassion and respect.  The team there has a lot of experience in the rehabilitation of bears who’ve been rescued, and they will give them all the care and treatment they need to recover from their years in a cage.

Please stand up and give these bears your support.


Give these bears the bear necessities they need for a happier, healthier life.


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