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Be inspired…. Young people making a difference to Hedgehogs

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If you want to read a feel good story, check out the work that Kyra and Sophie are doing.  They are running Hedgehog Friendly Town.  They are doing amazing work; so far they have saved over 400 hedgehogs and the care they give them is incredible.

The girls have just appeared on Channel 5’s Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs programme and the way they took in a hedgehog from a member of the public was really professional.

Visit their You Tube Channel

They have an Amazon Wish List so if you want to support them, this would be a great way of helping the girls help hedgehogs.

Their website is a mine of information, too.

One of the things I love about these two is that they are giving talks in schools to encourage and inspire other young people to get involved.   Check out their Mission Challenges – there are 5 of them – which will help anyone boost their knowledge and understanding of hedgehogs

Visit Hedgehog Friendly Town


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