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Please help this tiger in a cage in Greece!

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This tiger has no voice - so please give this poor animal your voice.

The tiger is in a tiny cage in Greece.  

Sign this petition here with Care2.com

In Rhodes in Greece, the Esperos Village Hotel is keeping a tiger in inhumane conditions.

All our signatures are needed to urge the hotel to release the tiger to a sanctuary now.   

The hotel owns thousands of acres of land but this tiger is in a tiny cage.  The only source of shade is a metal container - and that can get boiling hot in the summer heat.  

The tiger is supposed to be an attraction for its guests - but visitors often throw stones and rocks on top of the netting covering the tiger's enclosures. 

The tiger needs to go to a sanctuary that can offer a more natural home and veterinary care.   

Sign the petition urging the Esperos Village Hotel to release its tiger to a sanctuary.


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