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Please help this tiger in a cage in Greece!

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This tiger has no voice - so please give this poor animal your voice.

The tiger is in a tiny cage in Greece.  

Sign this petition here with Care2.com

In Rhodes in Greece, the Esperos Village Hotel is keeping a tiger in inhumane conditions.

All our signatures are needed to urge the hotel to release the tiger to a sanctuary now.   

The hotel owns thousands of acres of land but this tiger is in a tiny cage.  The only source of shade is a metal container - and that can get boiling hot in the summer heat.  

The tiger is supposed to be an attraction for its guests - but visitors often throw stones and rocks on top of the netting covering the tiger's enclosures. 

The tiger needs to go to a sanctuary that can offer a more natural home and veterinary care.   

Sign the petition urging the Esperos Village Hotel to release its tiger to a sanctuary.


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  1. Soraya

    Hi Tonnie, I never got a notification that u replied on my message. I decided to check on this story again and only now see ur reply. What else do u know? Did u contact the same organisation as well?

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  2. tonnie

    hello Soraya can you contact my, i now more about the tiger in rhodos greetings tonnie

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  3. Soraya

    I'm glad to see these animals are finally getting noticed. Summer 2017 I went here on vacation and found these abandoned animals which really made me cry. When I was there this "zoo" contained 2 tigers and 1 raccoon (heavily starved). I immidiately contacted Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environment Federation which is located on Rhodos. They went there and took a look, but told the animals are too old to move.. they are keep a close look on the health of these animals. Maybe you can contact Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environment Federation so you are all on the same page. My contact person is Olga. If there is anything I can do please let me know.

    Posted on

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