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Create a hole for hedgehogs

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Will you create a hole for hedgehogs in your garden? 

Hedgehogs need highways.  They need a motorway network, if you like, through gardens so that they can pass through them.  They travel a mile plus a night through parks and gardens to find food and to find a mate.  

But hedgehogs are finding life pretty difficult because so many people have fenced in their gardens with walls or fences making it impossible to pass through.  

Give hedgehogs a hole to get through in your garden and help create a Hedgehog HighwayHelp create a hedgehog highway by giving them a hole to get through
©Sean Hill

A hole of 13cm by 13cm is big enoug  for any hedgehog to pass through so holes  don't need to be large. 

Will you create a hole for hedgehogs, if you haven't got one already, and enable them to travel through your neighbourhood?

We need to create a hedgehog highway so that our beloved hedgehogs can pass through safely to find the food and mates they need to survive and thrive.  The more holes we can all create, the better for hedgehogs.

Create a hole for hedgehogs, and you could even add your hole to the BIG Hedgehog Map with Hedgehog Street, the campaign to help hedgehogs

Find out more from Hedgehog Street


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