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5 ways to cut use of plastic

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The National Trust cares for and protects many beautiful places, including 700 miles of spectacular coastline and 600,000 acres of beautiful countryside. 

But as it points out, many of the places we all love and the animals who live there are threatened by plastic pollution.  

It’s calling on everyone to stop the tide of plastic waste from overwhelming landscapes and harming wildlife.

As it points out, “every single piece of plastic ever created still exists in some form today, and a huge amount of it is choking oceans and washing up on shores.”  

The National Trust has committed to stop selling single-use plastics by 2022.  They have banned plastic bags in 275 of their shops and are making sure that all disposable food and drink packaging is made from biodegradable materials.

It it’s come up with 5 ways to help us all cut our use of plastic….. here they are

5 ways to help you cut back use of plastic

1. Make a pledge to cut plastic

Do your bit to cut plastic.   Using plates instead of cling film to cover leftovers.   Get your milk delivered.  Use a reusable coffee cup.  Collect all the non-recyclable plastic items you use in a month.  What can you avoid using in future?   Pledge to cut back.

2. Be creative

Think of new uses for plastic items you would normally throw away. In West Yorkshire, the National Trust team at Hardcastle Crags have been showing people how to make bird feeders from plastic bottles.   Plant pots can be made from biodegradable materials. An old colander could make a hanging basket.  Take a look at gifts made of recycled materials – they’re different!

Lunch bags and boxes

This lunch bag is made of recycled plastic 
Available from Ethical Superstore

3. Take part in a beach clean

The National Trust organises regular beach cleans but there are also a considerable number organised by the Marine Conservation Society.   Take a look at what you collect and see if you use it in your life – what could you replace it with?

This bird bath is made from a mix of recycled plastics and clay
This bird bath is made from a mix of recycled plastics and clay 
Available from Ethical Superstore

4. Challenge and ask questions.

The National Trust points out that many of the UK’s biggest retailers are taking environmentally friendly measures as a result of customer feedback.  But look at your local council too – how easy is it for people to recycle their goods?  What else can be done?  Does the pub you go to give out plastic straws?  Why?  Can’t they use paper ones etc…

5. Grow your own veg

It is amazing how much plastic packaging is used for all sorts of fruit and vegetables.  This year we planted a dwarf blueberry bush in a pot on our patio (which we have every morning) and a raspberry bush also in a pot with the hope we can stop buying these and avoid plastic packaging.  Make your own bread and your own cakes and you can avoid plastic packaging.  You can grow herbs in window boxes – we have basil in a pot in a window sill.

The National Trust has information on how to create a garden that provides food year round.

Go to the National Trust


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