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Sign Hugh Warwick's petitions to help hedgehogs

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Hedgehogs have been in serious decline since the 1950s but there are a couple of petitions by ecologist and author Hugh Warwick we can sign to help improve things for them.  

Hugh Warwick has been studying hedgehogs for over 30 years.  

The first petition to help hedgehogs

A key cause of their decline is that our landscapes have been fenced off again and again into small pieces of land. 

We need to ensure new housing developments include hedgehog highways – a 13cm hole in the bottom of the fence that will allow hedgehogs to move freely from garden to garden  in order to find food and find a mate.

Hugh Warwick is calling on the Government to ensure every new housing development builds in a hole for hedgehog highways, thus connecting gardens for hedgehogs and creating the highways they need to survive.

Please sign here to call on the Ministry of Housing and Planning to make hedgehog highways a legal requirement for new builds. It’s easy for developers to do.

Sign this petition here.

Save hedgehogs

And of course you could (if you haven't done so already)...

Create your own highway for hedgehogs

Put a 13cm hole in your garden fence to allow hedgehogs to pass through freely.   It’s very easy for any of us to do, too, wherever we live.  Check out Hedgehog Street.  The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species run this together.    Over 53,000 people have already signed up to be Hedgehog Champions.

The second petition to help hedgehogs

There’s another petition on 38 Degrees by Hugh Warwick.  DEFRA has approved the A24 trap trap used in New Zealand to kill hedgehogs for use in the UK.  We need to put a stop to this trap being used.  DEFRA expects people to try to make sure hedgehogs aren’t killed or injured by the trap but there’s no-one to police it.

Sign the petition to ban this trap here. 

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