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Alaska, USA: Save the Tongass National Forest

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Please can you help the Tongass National Forest, America's largest national forest?  It's in Alaska. 

I had an email this morning in my inbox from the Sierra Club, an organisation which was founded by conservationist John Muir in 1892. 

The Tongass National Forest has been under a Roadless Rule protection in South East Alaska. The Trump Administration is going to remove that protection and allow clear cutting and road construction to go ahead.  This could happen within the next couple of weeks if we don't put a stop to it. 

The Sierra Club, which has protected 250 million acres, say that Senator Lisa Murkowski and her Big Timber-backed allies endorsed the deal – and it will cause untold environmental destruction.

Ways to get involved:


The Sierra Club is mobilising opposition to the agreement, pushing for people to be heard, and hauling the Trump administration back into court.  They need donations to do this. The Sierra Club is ramping up legal and legislative teams and organising allies elsewhere, where similar deals will imperil forests and wildlife.

If you can donate, please do – and help the Sierra Club protect the last wild places from being criss-crossed by roads and clear cut.

Sign this Petition

The Alaska WIlderness League has a petition (which I think is for the US only because I couldn't sign it) asking the US Forest Service to continue its roadless protection of the area.  Sign the petition with the Alaska Wilderness League here.  You can also donate to help the League in its work. 

It’s time to give nature and the natural world a break and for us all to stop destroying it and I'm talking world wide here, not just in one country.  

Find out more about the damage the Trump Administration is ready to inflict on Alaska and how you can get involved at the Alaska Wilderness League's website here.


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