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Please sign to help koalas - they have nowhere to go

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Yesterday, I had an email from Darren Grover, Head of Living Ecosystems at WWF Australia.

WWF have had a big win for the fight for koalas in Queensland, and now they are fighting for koalas in New South Wales.  And they need all our help.

Tree clearing and climate change are leaving koalas with nowhere to go.

Sign WWF's petition to help koalas

Their trees are being cut down.  The koalas are risking their lives as they hunt for food and shelter.  One in four koalas have already been lost and if nothing changes, they could be locally extinct as soon as 2050.  There’s been a massive spike in the destruction of koala habitat, with 14 hectares of koala forest being destroyed every day.  It all adds up.

So WWF Australia are asking people to sign their petition. 

It tells the NSW Government to stop excessive tree-clearing, and to encourage tree planting across the state to combat drought-stricken areas and give the next generation of koalas somewhere to live.  

It’s an important time to join together and protect Australia’s land and unique wildlife who live there.

Please support this petition and stand up for NSW Koalas and Australian wildlife

Sign the petition here


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