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Speak out against the cruel Yulin dog meat festival

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Humane Society International are urging everyone to sign their petition to speak out against the unbelievable cruelty that is the Yulin dog meat festival.

The "festival" is taking place next week in Yulin, China. 

Pets across China have been stolen.  Roaming dogs are being snatched from the streets.

The animals are crammed on top of each other.  Humane Society International says they are transported for days without any water or food. 

They further say that,

Once they arrive, they’ll wait, terrified and helpless, until it’s their turn to be pulled out by the neck with iron tongs, and beaten to death to be eaten."

Please tell the Yulin authorities this annual cruelty must end 

Last year, the officials in Yulin tried to prohibit the sale of dog meat.  Unfortunately they overturned the ban just before the festival started.

Human Society International and their Chinese partner groups will still push the Yulin government to end this the dog and meat trade in Yulin.   

The event is strinking in size year by year and the numbers involved is fewer and fewer, but even one dog or cat is too many.  We must keep the pressure on. 

Join HSI in urging Yulin authorities to take firm action this year »


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