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Pangolins - The World's Most Wanted Animal - BBC2 on 27 January 2019 at 6pm

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If you missed the first showing of Pangolins - The World's Most Wanted Animal shown in May last year, the good news is that it's being shown on BBC2 at 6pm on Sunday 27 January 2019!

Sir David Attenborough wastes no time, says the Sunday Times review.  He introduces us to the pangolin, and then explains it's the world's most trafficked wild animal.

100,000 are killed every year for their meat and scales, and the pangolin is rapidly heading for extinction. 


German pangolin conservationist Maria Diekmann is based in Namibia, and she travels to Vietnam, Thailand and China in an effort to help their plight.  Maria founded the Rare and Endangered Species Trust  (for short, REST Namibia)

Visit BBC2 here.

Adopt a Pangolin from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation 
Adopt a Pangolin from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
©David Shepherd WIldlife Foundation

Visit the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation here and adopt a pangolin

Visit ZSL's website to find out more about their pangolin conservation work

You'll find a list of other pangolin conservation organisations here

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