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Will you help the Javan Rhino?

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I had an email from WWF Australia today.

There are 67 Javan Rhinos left in the world and they are fast running out of food.

The reason is that the aggressive Arenga palm is growing uncontrollably in vital rhino habitat in Java's Ujung Kulon National Park, the only habitat in the world where this rhino still exist.   The Arenga palm is blocking out the sun, so the smaller plants the Javan rhinos need to feed are dying. 

As a result, the rhinos are desperate and hungry.  They are moving further afield and having to compete with other animals for any food they can find. 

Click here to help the Javan rhino
Click here to help the Javan rhino

The good news is that there is a solution.  

WWF-Indonesia’s team is working with the local community to hack the Arenga palm down and rehabilitate the area - they are planting grasses so that the rhinos can eat.  But this is expensive, and the team is fighting to compete against the palm which grows very quickly.

So WWF Australia are asking for donations to help carry out the following key tasks to help the rhinos:

  • Clear the Arenga palm from 190 hectares of rhino habitat as an immediate priority;
  • Rehabilitate the area by planting the grasses that rhinos eat;
  • Continue to monitor and protect rhino habitat with community forest patrols.

You can go to WWF Australia here and make a donation to help them with their work to help the Javan rhino. 


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