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Stop the Donkey Slaughter

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Calling all donkey lovers

Please sign Care2.com's petition to put pressure on African countries to STOP the donkey slaughter. 

Stop the Donkey Slaughter
Stop the Donkey Slaughter

The animals are crowded together in appalling conditions, where they are frightened, neglected and mistreated — and that's all before they are slaughtered for their skins and other body parts.  

100,000 donkeys were slaughtered in Kenya alone over the last year.   

Roughly 10 million animals are killed every year in this donkey trade. 

As donkey populations fall in China, so the market for them is turning to Africa to satisfy the need for donkey skins and body parts.

Botswana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Ethiopia and Tanzania have now all banned the slaughter and export of donkeys.  However, Kenya and South Africa need persuading to do the right thing.  Both need the income from animal-loving international tourists - so our voices matter. 

Sign Care2.com's petition urging the prime minister of Kenya and president of South Africa to ban the export of donkey parts now.


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  2. Verna dare

    Tried to sign yr petition but it wont accept My post code

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    No-one has the right to slaughter donkeys horses or any animals, they were not put on this earth to be slaughter and if they could talk no-one would slaughter these beautiful animals. WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE TO KILL THEM. We will be their voice and they cannot speak and we are asking you to stop this slaughter and then to export their parts for MONEY THATS ALL IT IS GREED FROM YOUR COUNTRY. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT AT ALL TO DO THIS. WE IN THE UK WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR COUNTRY IF YOU SLAUGHTER THESE OR ANY OTHER ANIMALS.

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  4. emily jane

    stop the donkey slaughter please!!

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