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Bears About the House - BBC2 on 22nd and 15th July at 8pm - Don't miss it!

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There’s a programme on BBC2 on 26th August and 2nd September 2022 at 8pm that you must just not miss!

It’s called Bears About the House. #BearsAbouttheHouse

Conservationist Giles Clark (Big Cats About the House) is off on his biggest mission to date:  he’s taking on the illegal wildlife trade and helping to build a pioneering new bear sanctuary in Laos, South East Asia.

Enter Matt Hunt, CEO of Free the Bears.  Free the Bears is an amazing charity which rescues moon and sun bears and cares for them in bear sanctuaries in Cambodia, Vietnam and Cambodia.  And Matt asked Giles Clark to help for 12 months. 

Visit Free the Bears' website
Please donate if you can and/or spread the word.
Thank you! 

Before long, Giles was needed to step forward and help Mary, a 5 month old sun bear who was rescued after her mother was killed in the wild.  Fragile and malnourished, she needed care at home, and that's what she got.

Visit Free the Bears here to find out more
Thank you

We wish everyone at Free the Bears all the best with the programme, thinking of you
and thank you for all you're doing

Thank you

Don’t miss it – and if you can make a donation, please donate.

Bears across Asia are sold as trophy pets.  They are used for their body parts in restaurants and processed for traditional Asian medicine. 

The most valued part of a bear is their gallbladder.  It stores bile, a digestive fluid which is thought to have medical qualities. Many bears across Asia are kept in bear farms – this enables their bile to be extracted as needed. 

Giles and the team want to stop this.  They are working with the government to shut these bear bile farms down.

It’s a constant effort, and Free the Bears need your help.  Donations in whatever form will help rescue more bears in need of rescue, and care for those who have been rescued, and who need food, care and enrichment activities.

Ways to help

Visit Free the Bears' website


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