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Animals in Cages - what would they want to say? Dear Humans, #EndTheCage today!

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If the 16 million UK farm animals kept in cages could speak, what might they say?

There’s a short video featuring famous people such as Deborah Meaden, Joanna Lumley and Peter Egan, Kate Ford, Evanna Lynch and Mike Beckingham asking that very question

The You Tube video has some seriously adorable farm animals in it – it’s called Dear Humans, and it the famous faces are speaking up for the millions of UK farm animals suffering in cages.  And here it is:

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) say that around 16 million hens are still locked up in cages – that’s over one third of all hens nationwide.   Because of overcrowding and restricted height, they have not much more than a sheet of A4 paper for space.

Over 50% of all UK sows also suffer.   Many are forced to give birth in farrowing crates;  they can’t turn round and have to suckle their piglets through bars.

Cages are cruel, outdated and wrong. 

Please add your signature  to call for a debate in Parliament and a ban on cage cruelty.

CIWF needs less than 31,000 more signatures before a ban on cage farming will be considered for debate in parliament.  Once you’ve signed, you’ll get a verification email in your inbox which you must click if your signature is to count.

#EndTheCage today!


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