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Does your search engine plant trees when you search online?

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Does your search engine plant trees when you search for stuff online?

If not, please take a look at Ecosia.org. 

It's a rather amazing search engine because every time you search you can help plant a tree and it won't cost you anything!  On average it takes 45 searches to plant a tree but these days that won't take long to add up!

Ecosia's goal is to plant one billion trees and they've just hit the 40 million tree mark - so 40 million trees have been planted as a result of people using their search engine to search for stuff online.


Not only that, but you can buy t-shirts - and they'll plant 20 trees for every t-shirt you buy.  I bought one and I love the quality and feel of it - and best of all, I know my purchase is helping to plant trees :-) 

So take a look at Ecosia and plant trees as you search! 

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