Recyle Christmas cards to help British woodlands


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Please recycle your Christmas Cards this January 2017

Good news!  The M&S Christmas card recycling scheme is running again this year with the Woodland Trust - your Christmas cards can become trees and so help wildlife!  You'll help people too - people and wildlife need woodland and trees. 

You can help turn Christmas cards into trees in January 2017 by recycling your Christmas cards and handing them in at M&S.  But don't leave it beyond the given dates, otherwise it will be too late - the deadline at M&S is 31 January 2017.

How to recycle your Christmas Cards at M&S 

All you have to do is to take your Christmas cards along to aparticipating M&S store and drop them off in the special collection boxes there - this simple act will help create habitat for wildlife.  You could ask your workmates and neighbours to pass you their cards and drop them off for them - anything to make recycling easier for people and to encourage them to help plant trees for wildlife.  

M&S and the Woodland Trust do all the rest!  Money generated through the card recycling scheme will fund the planting of new trees throughout the UK.

Every 1,000 Christmas cards handed in =  ONE  PLANTED TREE

Wildlife need woodlands.  People need woodland. Every card counts!  Since this scheme started 19 years ago  a whopping half a billion cards have been collected and 245,000 trees planted by people like you & I collecting our Christmas cards together and taking them to participating stores.  (There was a list of these, but it seems to be unavailable at the moment.)

Christmas card recycling bins will be in place in most of M&S’s stores which sell clothing and food but unfortunately it cannot collect at all of its Simply Food stores due to their recycling systems. 

Please encourage everyone you can to recycle their Christmas cards

On average. there is 37% of woodland cover in the EU.  The UK has just 13% woodland coverage.

Drop your cards off at M&S and help the Woodland Trust plant new woodlands and grow homes for species from dormice to woodpeckers, butterflies to beetles, and adders to squirrels.  

About the Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust's work is vital to help preserve British woodland and also crucially to preserve the habitat of thousands of UK species.

The Woodland Trust works to protect ancient woodland and create new - such as the First World War Centenary Woods. It cares for over 1,000 woods, which are open to the public every day of the year.

British woodlands are vital to wildlife, and also in absorbing CO2 and producing oxygen - they are the British equivalent to the Amazon rainforest.

Other ways to support the Woodland Trust's work

You can support the Woodland Trust by becoming a member. Click here to join the Woodland Trust.  You can also volunteer for the Woodland Trust.   The Woodland Trust's website also has details on how you can get busy and plant trees, in your community or school, on farms, in urban areas and more. 

Wildilfe need woodlands

Wildlife needs woodland

Many animals live in British woodlands; some may not be there all the year round, but there's no doubt that wildlife need woodlands. These include animals & species such as:



slow worms 

You can also find out more about the Trust's work to restore ancient woodland and why it's so important here.  There are ways to get involved and help in this work - we can all make a difference.  

 Click here to visit the M&S website

and click here to find out more about the Christmas Card recycling scheme

Click here to visit the Woodland Trust's website

We all need ancient woodland - click here to see how you can help


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