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Did you see Gordon Buchanan's Elephant Family & Me on BBC2? Click here for elephant charities

Recycle your Christmas cards with M&S and they'll plant trees for the Woodland Trust.  More Info

Animals affected by war

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Find out how they are helping animals trapped in Taiz Zoo in Yemen & how you can help.  More info

Elephant Corridor Appeal

Give elephants a wildlife corridor in India
Will you help the World Land Trust help Indian elephants by helping to secure a wildlife corridor? Find out more here

Helping animals

Orange for Orangutans Day

World Giraffe Day 

International Working Animals Day

Microbeads in beauty products damage marine life

Help stop live animal exports

Can you change your shopping habits to help wildlife?  Click here to find out  more

Help woodland animals while you shop at M&S... Find out more here

Dogs die in hot cars 

Get involved in 2016 - more info here

Organic Beauty Gifts

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Help Butterfly Conservation with organic beauty gifts from Green People. Find out more here

Wildlife News

Please help animals in disasters.  World Animal Protection (previously the WSPA) help animals around the world in times of disaster e.g. flooding, earthquakes etc.  Click here for more info

Planning for disasters for your pets, livestock & zoos.  More...

Help wildlife - Create a Pond

Gardens are vital to wildlife, and it's amazing what you can do to help animals from home.  They need all the help they can get.  

If you're thinking of creating a pond for wildlife, Froglife have a Just Add Water PDF which you can download.  The RHS also has details.

Ponds for wildlife don't have to be large.  You can put out a lid with water in it.  If you do create a pond, you need to be sure that wilidlife have a way of climbing out of it so include a sort of wooden or stone ramp. The RHS says to clad the ramp with chicken wire to provide good grip.   It also says that stone troughs, old sinks or baths and large, glazed or plastic pots are suitable, but you need to plug drainage holes.

Here's a short, helpful video from the RSPB on how to create a mini pond.  The RSPB says it will help frogs, toads & newts, dragonflies & damselflies, bats, birds and pond creatures.  And you can put this sort of pond in a large or small garden.  



Visit the RSPB for more info on creating a pond.  There's a step by step guide of how to do it, plus what you'll need to create your pond.  

They also have information on how to create a bird bath.




Ways to help

Dear Rudolf....
All I want for Christmas is.....from horses, donkeys, ponies and mules... More info
All I want for Christmas by British wildlife
All we want for Christmas is...  from British wildlife...

Recycle your Christmas cards for the Woodland Trust to plant more trees - here's how

Head out to Sri Lanka and lend a paw to help animals there.  More info

Volunteer in Cyprus with cats and dogs.  More info

Charity Challenges

Buy palm oil free chocolate

 Education works

 Teachers' Resources

Avoid plastic

Plastic and litter can really damage wildlife and the world around us.  Find out more here

Insure your pet & help animals

Animal Friends have policies for pets & horses. A good whack of any profits they make goes to help registered animal charities around the world. Like them on Facebook, & they will give £1 for every "Like" they get to animal charities. Get a quote from Animal Friends.