Your life goals


Your life goals

If you're thinking about helping animals, it's worth considering whether you have any other life goals you want to achieve at the same time. 

You may find your desire to help animals can also help you achieve other goals you have in your life.

For instance, if you want to travel a lot, you could do some volunteer holidays which could take you to some fairly extra-ordinary places you wouldn't normally get to, doing some pretty unusual things e.g. turtle conservation in Costa Rica, elephant conservation in Thailand, doing some coastal conservation in the UK, caring for rainforest, visiting pandas - the choice is endless!

Similarly if you want to get fitter, you could enter a small running race or even a marathon and do it for your favourite animal charity.

Research shows we are more likely to stick to fitness goals when others are going to benefit as well - so this could be a great way forward!   

Please check with your doctor before starting any fitness programme, though!

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