WWF Christmas Advert 2016 - Help protect tigers


Here's the Christmas Advert from the WWF, which focuses this year on tiger conseration and protecting tigers.   The ad is urging us all to become Tiger Protectors.  By 2022 (the next Chinese Year of the Tiger), it's aiming to double the current number of tigers to over 6,000 in the wild.  


Charities involved in tiger conservation include the following - they all have information on how you can help on their websites:

Save Tigers Now is a global campaign by World Wildlife Fund and Leonardo DiCaprio to build political, financial and public support to double the number of wild tigers by 2022.   Visit Save Tigers Now

TigerTime, a campaign of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.  It funds tiger projects in Russia, India and Thailand, supporting anti-poaching patrols, undercover investigations, educational programmes and monitoring activities central to tiger survival.  Go to TigerTime

The Bornfree Foundation funds conservation bursaries enabling dedicated NGOs and individuals to implementing a variety of conservation activities "to protect tiger habitats, mitigate tiger-human conflict, tackle wildlife crime, monitor tiger populations, raise awareness and improve the livelihoods of people living next to tigers".  Go to the Born Free Foundation

ZSL London Zoo is involved in a number of tiger conservation projects to help protect tigers, such as Sumatran tigers in the Berbak National Park, the Amur tiger in the Lazovsky State Nature Reserve, the tigers in the Chitwan-Parsa tiger complex’ (made up of Chitwan National Park and Parsa Wildlife Reserve) and 21st Century Tiger, a unique initiative that raises funds for wild tiger conservation projects. 

21st Century Tiger channels money raised by the public, the international zoo community and corporate supporters to wildlife tiger conservation projects.  

Many of the reserves protected by the World Land Trust protect tigers, most particularly Bengal Tigers 

Fauna and Flora work to protect Sumatran tigers - you can find out more information here

The Widllife Conservation Society in the US - their goal is to see multiple thriving populations of tigers across their range and in all the habitats in which they are found.