What sort of animals do you want to help?


What sorts of animals do you want to help?

All animal groups need help, wherever they are - even if it is for us to help by leaving them alone and giving them the space they need to survive and thrive.

But you can get closer to some animals than others, and some ways to help may be quite hands-on, whilst others could involve helping animals on the other side of the world to where you and I are right now.

Pinpoint the animals you want to help, and it will be easier to find charities to volunteer for.

What sort of animals do you want to help?

  • Marine life?
  • Wildlife?
  • Animals in wetlands?
  • Birds?
  • Working animals?
  • Farm animals?
  • Pets?
  • Retired animals?

Is there a particular animal group you want to help? For instance, horses, big cats, crocodiles, birds, elephants?  And is there a group within that who touch your heart more than others e.g. within big cats, tigers, cheetahs, Iberian lynx, marjay, Arabian leopards?

Within any group, there will be of course a range of breeds or species... You could become quite passionate about helping one of these - maybe you already do have an animal which really touches your heart and makes you want to do all you can to help them, specifically. 

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