What's On in July 2019


What's on in July 2019?

Round up for July Events

It’s a busy month this July, with an opportunity to get involved in a number of international events which you can join in from anywhere in the world.

For a start, it’s the Marine Conservation Society's Go Plastic Free month – the Society has lots of ways you can get involved and cut back your use of plastic. 

There’s an urgent campaign running with the Wildlife Conservation Society who are trying to stop the building of a hydroelectric plant in the Murchison Falls area of Uganda.  Home to many species, you can add your support to Save Murchison Falls. The area is a popular tourist area, too, and locals want the tourists to keep coming to see the wildlife.

The 6th July sees National Meadows Day to celebrate wildflower grasslands.  Watch out for our news on how you can get involved and what you can do, including creating your own mini meadow.

The middle of July then sees a real burst of activity!

It’s Love Parks Week from 12-21; a chance to get out and enjoy your favourite park, and to protect them for generations to come.    The same week is also Dragonfly Week – how much do you know about the dragonfly?  It’s a chance to increase your knowledge and find out why they matter in our ecosystems.

World Chimpanzee Day falls on 14th July – chimpanzees need all our help to raise awareness about conservation efforts to help chimps in the wild and in captivity.

From hot climates to much colder ones, Polar Bears International have made 15th July their Arctic Sea Ice Day to call attention to sea ice losses and raise awareness of what we can all do to help.

And the 16th is World Snake Day – snakes aren’t the most popular animals on a lot of people’s list, but there are some wonderful photos on National Geographic’s pages of slithery snakes…

The Big Butterfly Count kicks off on 19th July to help Butterfly Conservation assess the health and state of the environment. It runs to 12th August 2019.

Finally, we finish the month with Global Tiger Day on 29th July – a chance to ROAR for tigers – and World Rangers Day when we can all recognise and appreciate the very dangerous work rangers are doing to protect wildlife around the world.  Our thanks to each and every ranger and their families for what you’re doing.  There’s a list of ways to help by adopting a ranger or wildlife guardian here.  

Last but by no means least, the hot weather means we all need to keep an eye out for dogs in cars and you’ll find our info on what to do if you find one here.  It’s straight from the RSPCA.   Please make sure your pets, livestock and wildlife all have access to water.  Remember, they can’t switch the taps at a time of their choosing like we can.

Have a great July everyone and thank you for coming to visit this website!