Two Minutes to Save Nature


Can you please spare TWO minutes to help nature?

In the UK, our Members of Parliament are about to debate the Great Repeal Bill.  The Government introduced this back in July to end the UK's membership of the EU.  Unfortunately, it puts the laws that protect our most threatened wildlife and wild places at risk - areas such as the New Forest.  

The RSPB sent out an email this morning (6 September 2017).  It says we have just 24 hours before MPs start debating the Repeal Bill in Parliament.  Please email your MP today and ask them to support our strong nature laws in tomorrow’s debate?  Show them you care about nature.

This will only take a couple of minutes, literally.  The RSPB has produced a template you can use to contact your MP and tell them you want a secure future for nature in the UK.   

At first glance, the Bill looks to put nature at risk.  Read the Blog written by the RSPB's Conservation Director, Martin Harper and you'll see why. 


Help save nature in two minutes by clicking here

Help save nature in two minutes by clicking and signing here