Ways to Make a Difference


There are lots of ways to make a difference to wildlife, marine life, working animals and our pets, and let's face it, some things come more easily to us than others.  Some are very quick ways to make a difference (e.g. signing a petition) whereas others (e.g. making a garden pond) take longer.

So here are some tools you can use to make a difference and find things to do which fit into your life.   Remember, every action makes a difference; every stitch helps, as does every stamp

  Sign it!   Add your voice to a petition
Sign it!   Add your voice to a petition

 Watch for awareness days -
spread the word and be informed


Send an e-card


Save your used stamps

Save your used stamps 

Use an app to help make a difference

Use an App
this one is from
the Vegetarian Society)   



Mooooove to the list of Animal Charities
Mooooove to the 
list of Animal Charities

Change your buying habits

Change your buying habits

   Team building days
Team building days
 Teachers' Resources - Digging for Help
Teachers' Resources -
Digging for Help