The John Lewis Advert - Christmas 2016


Have you seen the John Lewis Christmas advert for Christmas 2016?   It shows a number of different species of wildlife visiting a garden and bouncing on a trampolene.  Here it is:

However, animal charities are warning that it if you want your pet to have a go on a trampolene, they must be supervised as such an activity can be dangerous for them.   Children should be supervised on a trampolene, so should pets.

We thought we'd seize the moment and raise awareness of the charities working to protect some of the species in this advert...

  • Wildlife Trust - there are 47 Trusts around the UK, and they stand up for, and look after, natural and wild places close to where people live, so they care for a lot of wildlife habitats. 
  • The Badger Trust promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and habitats...
  • The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has a number of aims, including  "To make the public aware of hedgehogs and to give advice on their care, particularly when injured, sick, orphaned, treated cruelly or in any other danger." 
  • The Red Squirrel Survival Trust is a national charity established to ensure the conservation and protection of the red squirrel in the UK.
  • National Fox Welfare Society "dedicated to helping the Red Fox by providing rescues for sick and injured foxes, free treatments for foxes suffering from Sarcoptic Mange, free mange treatment advice and cage traps for critically sick foxes though still mobile." They also provide a fox sanctuary for foxes that can’t go back to the wild
  • Tiggywinkles is the world's leading wildlife hopsital caring for all sorts of British wildlife including hedgehogs, foxes, badges, deer and more
  • Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (East Sussex) provides a front-line rescue service for wildlife casualties 

There's plenty you can do to encourage wildlife into your garden - they make great viewing!   All these websites will have ideas and tips to help you create a wildlife friendly garden. 

Boxer Breed Rescue list boxer rescues in the UK - this is from The Kennel Club's Find a Rescue

Don't forget in January it's the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch as well, so over the Christmas period why not start boosting your knowledge of garden birds (unless of course it's pretty good already) so that you can take part in this great event?  

Please do NOT give pets as Christmas presents or a present at any time