Help the animals in Taiz Zoo in Yemen


In all the horror of war, there is rarely coverage of how it affects the plight of animals.  

In war-torn Yemen, in the city of Taiz, you'll find Taiz Zoo.  It has over 280 animals, including lions and very rare Arabian leopards.

None of us want the animals to be in a zoo, but they are there and they are in the middle of a war zone and they need our help. 

Today, a small US based non-profit organisation called A Lions's Heart (EIN # 81-2774850) is the only charity raising funds to help the animals at the zoo.  These funds help the charity get the water, food and everything the animals need to survive and thrive.  It's not an easy task to raise the funds needed to care for the animals.

Visit A Lions Heart Facebook page

Visit A Lions Heart's Facebook page

The animals need our help

The obvious answer to really help the animals at Taiz Zoo is to get them out of the war zone.   There are offers of sanctuary outside of Yemen, but the Yemeni government won't grant export permits for them. The zoo is owned by the goverment; it's not privately owned.  If the animals can't go to a sanctuary, the hope is that a sanctuary can come to the animals.  Meantime, donations to enable the animals to have water, food, nutritional supplements and veterinary care are crucial.  

As well as the lions and leopards, other animals are at the zoo such as birds of prey and horses.   Cats and dogs have also made their way to the zoo, displaced by the war. Guinea pigs are also there.  The zoo staff are looking after them.  

This situation is very complex.  The people caring for the animals on a daily basis are in the middle of a war zone, so it's important to take that into account when considering possible solutions to help the animals.  

Adopt a resident at Taiz Zoo

4 Ways to help A Lions Heart help the animals in Yemen in Taiz Zoo

  1. Spread the word about them - every share helps
  2. Donate - every bit helps.  You can donate with Paypal 
  3. "Buy a coffee" at or just $4 or the equivalent currency.  It's easy to do - I've done it myself. 
  4. In the USA, shop with Amazon Smile - Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to A Lions Heart whenever you shop on AmazonSmile

Visit A Lions Heart for more information and updates

We need to raise awareness of the situation these animals are in.  It is not of their making.  They are the forgotten victims of war.   Please spread the word.