Help the animals in Taiz Zoo in Yemen


In all the horror of war, there is rarely coverage of how it affects the plight of animals.  

In Yemen, Taiz Zoo has over 260 animals, including 17 lions and 26 leopards. When the war hit, visitors stopped coming, and there was no-one and no money to feed the animals and care for them.  The hygiene was terrible - which caused bacterial infections in many of the lions.  12 lions and 6 leopards died of starvation.  

Since last February 2016, a group of volunteers, the Tamdeem Youth Foundation, and a fundraising group called SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue helped the zoo.  Towards the end of last year, the fundraising has been done entirely by  A Lions's Heart, a US based nonprofit organisation (EIN # 81-2774850).  A Lions Heart work to save suffering zoo animals through funding, outreach, conservation, and research.  

A Lions Heart has regular updates on their Facebook page with videos as well so that you can see the animals receiving veterinary care and tucking into food.  Weekly costs run to at least $4,000. 

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The Yemini Government refuses to grant the export permits these animals need to get out.

The obvious answer to really help the animals at Taiz Zoo is to get them out of the war zone.   There are offers of sanctuary ready for them away from war.  The problem is that the Yemeni government think the animals are fine and they are refusing to grant export permits for them.  While efforts continue to get these permits, donations are crucial to help water and feed the animals trapped there, and to give them the veterinary care they need.    

Adopt a resident at Taiz Zoo
Adopt a resident at Taiz Zoo

We need to raise awareness of the critical situation these animals are in.  It is not of their making.  They are the forgotten victims of war.   Please spread the word.   We need to tell the world about this.   This situation is very complex.  The war is going on around the zoo with bombing, militants, fighting etc. It's vital to remember the people caring for the animals on a daily basis are in a war zone, so it's important to take that into account when considering possible solutions to help the animals. 

7 ways to help the animals trapped at Taiz Zoo

  1. Spread the word on social media and any other way you can think of
  2. Adopt a resident animal at Taiz Zoo
  3. Donate - every bit helps.  You can donate with Paypal 
  4. Shop with Amazon Smile - Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to A Lions Heart whenever you shop on AmazonSmile
  5. Buy a t-shirt from Deep River Traders designed by Bill Lunsford of Earth Animals and a small donation will be made for every purchase
  6. Buy at which has over 1,700 stores registered with it and support A Lions' Heart's work at Taiz Zoo
  7. Buy a t-shirt from

Please visit A Lions Heart for more information and updates