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Every knitting stitch helps

(March 09, 2017)

SPANA is a charity that helps working animals in a number of different countries around the world - horses, donkeys, camels, mules, elephants.

And they have a a Big Knit for Vet Kit campaign in which anyone who loves knitting and animals can help raise funds to help SPANA care for these hard-working animals - and crucially, to educate and train their owners how to care for them.  

So far, knitters have raised a staggering £15,000 for SPANA, enabling the charity to help working animals.  The knitted animals help them to educate children through their welfare clubs all over the world.  

There's even a new pattern to knit - Emma the Elephant 

You can download or request a posted pack of SPANA's free knitting patterns.  

 Click here to find out more about SPANA's Big Knit for Vet Kit
nit to help working animals around the world


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