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Give animals a voice

(February 28, 2017)

Every year billions of farm animals are transported all over Europe, destined for slaughter.

Live transport over long distance can be a major animal welfare concern.   Animals suffer from stress, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, lack of space and rest on journeys that can take days.  Animals are crammed into trucks, often spending hours on the road even before reaching the ferry.  The stress weakens the immune system, so the animals are more vulnerable to disease.

The RSPCA says the port of Ramsgate is the main ferry port to facilitate the trade from the UK.  In 2016, 15 sailings took place from the UK with an estimated total of 22,000 animals. 

So the RSPCA are calling on DEFRA to support urgent changes to EU farm animal transport laws.  The charity is calling on the UK's Agricultural Representative George Eustice MP to speak out for millions of farm animals and support urgent changes to EU farm animal tranport law. 

Give animals a voice 

Two things you can do to help: 

  1. Sign the letter to the UK's Agricultural Representative asking him to support urgent changes to the EU farm animal transport laws.

  2. Spread the word about this campaign

And you can also sign a letter at Compassion in World Farming, which goes to 24 EU Agricultural Ministers to support changes to the law on animal welfare during transport.     Click here to find out more


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