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The 27th February is International Polar Bear Day!

(February 27, 2017)
The 27th February is International Polar Bears Day 

It's International Polar Bear Day on the 27th February - a good chance to take some time or even just a quick 5 minutes, to think about polar bears and how you can help them.  

Polar Bears International is an amazing resource on everything you could want to know about polar bears, from their habitat, to their diet, how climate change is affecting them, their breeding and mating habits and more 

Ways to help polar bears:  

Check out the International Polar Bear Day Facebook Page to see what's happening there

You could commit to some or all of the Actions with Impact ideas Polar Bears International have for you.  You may well be doing lots of these already, but it's worth taking a look at their thoughts to see if there are others you can do.  

I love the idea of Actions with Impact - you want to know what you're doing is making a difference. Ideas I particularly liked from their list and website are:

  • Avoid drive through businesses - they keep car engines running
  • Generate your own power where you can through wind or solar
  • Avoid the car where you can - walk, take public transport, ride a bike for instance
  • By local produce or grow your own 
  • Eat less meat - if you buy it, go for local, organic meat.  The Vegetarian Society has lots of information about the damage meat does to the planet, to animals and to ourselves.  And it's packed full of recipes and helpful tips and advice for anyone thinking about going veggie and eating less meat
  • Avoid products with palm oil in them or at the least, go for products with sustainable palm oil - check out the Rainforest Foundation UK to see how they rate companies to help you
  • Just spend some extra time looking to see how sustainable a company's products really are before you buy. Ethical Consumer's website has lots of info
  • Have a go at one of Polar Bears International's challenges such as the Thermostat Challenge.  You could put a photo of polar bears by the thermostat to remind yourself of how you're helping these magnificent animals every time you turn the heat off
  • Reduce, recycle and re-use.   Think before you buy - do you really need what you're buying? What do you really need it for?

Spend some time on Polar Bears International website and have a good look at the projects they are doing, the resources available to everyone - teachers, small and medium sized businesses, corporations, community members, students, scientists, zoologists and researchers - and then tell people about it! 

Teachers, Polar Bears International have an amazing Resource Centre with lessons, webcasts, presentations and materials - even mini courses for you :-)   

Waving a big paw to everyone - let's all commit to doing just ONE thing to help polar bears and it will make a difference.  


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