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World Pangolin Day

(February 13, 2017)

The 18th February is World Pangolin Day, so it's a great opportunity to find out more about this species and how we can all help them.  

First off, here's a video from the Zoological Society of London and their You Tube Channel, and their website has more details on how ZSL is helping pangolins

International wildlife trafficking poses a major threat to pangolins.   Since 2,000 it is estimated that more than a million pangolins have been illegally traded internationally, amking them the most trafficked wild mammal in the the world.  Since 2014, all 8 species of pangolin are classified as threatened with extinction on the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM.  The Chinese and Sunda species list as Critically Endangered, while the Indian and Philippine pangolins are Endangered, and the four African species are Vulnerable.

Back in September at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, a motion was passed urging more support for conservation of pangolins.  The 17th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES CoP17), which brought in an international trade ban for all eight pangolin species.


So how can you help pangolins?

  1. Be informed and be aware and spread the word
  2. Tell authorities if you find pangolin on a menu 
  3. Don't buy pangolins or pangolin products
  4. Support those organisations helping with pangolin conservation such as ZSL
  5. Adopt a pangolin as a gift - you can do this through the Born Free Foundation - Pangi is waiting for you to adopt her! 
  6. Take a look at Save Vietnam's Wildlife and find out how they are helping pangolins.  You can find out about this non-profit organisation here

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