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National Trust seeks Ranger for the Farne Islands

(February 08, 2017)

The National Trust is looking for a ranger for the Farne Islands, situated off the coast of Northumberland.   

The islands have been protected for 189 years and are one of Britain's oldest reserves.  

This role is not for the faint hearted.   Life will be tough as conditions can be very harsh.  

You’ll be in charge of monitoring the wildlife and seals on the islands – as well as assisting with scientific research.

Visit the National Trust website for more info
Click here to visit the National Trust website

You'll live on the islands for 9 months of the year and be joined by 11 seasonal rangers over the summer.   In bad storms, you can be marooned.   But thousands of people visit in the summer, so you need to be able to relate to people and tell them how they can do their bit for nature.  

The National Trust has volunteer opportunities all over England and Wales - click here to take a look at them and their jobs listings can be found here.  Alternatively, why not take a look at their working holidays?

If you're looking for a job to help wildlife and the environment, you could take a look at 

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