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Ban use of horses in bullfighting

(February 06, 2017)

Will you give your support to  this petition to ban the use of horses in bullfighting? currently has a petition set up by Seamus Shannon.   The petition is close to achieving its goal of 240,000 signatures but frankly the more people who give it support the better.

The horses used in bullfights tend to be old horses and they are unable to scream in fear as the bulls approach them or they feel pain because their vocal cords are mutilated.  

The horses are blindfolded when the fight starts with vaseline and cotton in their ears and nostrils - this deprives them of their senses.  

It is unbelievable that such cruelty to horses - and bulls - can still exist in this day and age. 

Click here to sign the petition to ban the use of horses in bullfightingClick here to go to and sign
The petition on has more information about the impact on the horses but please give it your support and let's stop this cruel and barbaric practice.


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