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An appeal: Help donkeys and horses in Italy

(February 05, 2017)

You may have heard on the news about the terrible conditions being faced by many people in Italy, particularly in the Abruzzo region which has also suffered from earthquakes.

As always, the fate of animals is all too rarely reported.   Two UK based charities report that horses and donkeys are currently stranded in deep snow in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Help these charities help donkeys, horses and animals in need in Italy's heavy snows
Photograph: Courtesy of Marco Scolastici. Copyright, all rights reserved.

Visit World Horse Welfare and the Donkey Sanctuary

They are stuck in freezing temperatures.  Many are out in the bitter cold, with no shelter, and they are struggling to move or to find water and food.  More are trapped inside, alone and hungry.  

World Horse Welfare and the Donkey Sanctuary have joined forces to work together to help them;  so far, over £20,000 has been raised (plus over £3,000 gift aid).  This will go to help the horses, donkeys and other animals in need.  Local vets are on standby to help.

Food is on its way.   13000kg of straw and hay arrives on Monday at the emergency centre, along with  5,250 kg of equine hard feed.  But there is more to be done, and these two well known charities are appealing for people to make a donation to help these animals. 

You can make a donation through the Donkey Sanctuary or World Horse Welfare.

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