Help animals in the Nepal Earthquake



Help animals affected by the Nepal Earthquake

Many of you will have seen the news reports about the Nepal Earthquake, and be wondering and worrying about how animals have been affected by the events there and how you can help.  Companion animals, street dogs, horses, donkeys, goats and other livestock have all been affected, and this doesn't even begin to take into account the impact it's had on wildlife.  Many people in Nepal are dependent on their animals, so by helping animals, charities are also helping people. 

Many of the animals have been buried under falling rubble or injured because of it.  Animal feed has been buried or rendered useless because of damage.  Many of the animals are suffering because their shelters have gone and they are out in the falling rain.  Many are in shock, and so their immune systems are less effective, rendering them more susceptible to disease.   Many animals are now tied up and cannot roam free to graze.   They need help. 

One thing we can all do is to donate to an animal charity helping in the area.  These animal charities and organisations are helping - the main need is for veterinary care and medicines for the animals.

Humane Society International 

World Animal Protection

International Fund for Animal Welfare 

World Vets  

Animal Nepal

Animal Welfare Network Nepal

You could also look at Street Dogs of Nepal but please prepare yourself for some difficult reading, if you love animals

The second thing you can do is to spread the word about how these charities are helping and how animal lovers can make a difference to the animals in Nepal.