Natural Disasters


Natural Disasters - animal charities helping out

Natural disasters seem to be coming thick and fast these days and although the media always highlight the plight of people, what happens to the animals?  Who is there to help them?  This new section hopes to act as a fast signpost to charities who are helping the animals.  And it's always worth asking yourself - how prepared are you and any animals you have for a natural disaster? 

Libya Flooding

The scenes from Libya with all the flooding have been horrific.  Animals have a summary of what they know about the impact of Storm Derna in both Morocco and Libya.  We will try to find out more information out.  Meantime, take a look at Animals here

Parts of Morocco were hit by a strong earthquake.  SPANA works across Morocco and a SPANA team has been visiting the earthquake area to give  vital support to working animals affected.  It will be developing a longer-term response plan to help animals - and the communities that depend on them. You can find out more and donate here.

Maui wildfires, Hawaii

The island of Maui, Hawaii, was badly hit by wildlfires this summer.   The Maui Humane Society has information about the animals affected and how they worked to help.  Find out more

Flooding in Chile, August 2023

Over 30,000 people were evacuated due to flooding in Chile, south of Santiago.  Sky News had footage of a number of pets being evacuated.