International Working Animal Day


The charity SPANA launched its “International Working Animal Day” on the 15 June 2016.  The idea of the day is that it will raise awareness about the crucial part working animals play in developing countries worldwide.

One BILLION people around the world rely on working animals.   Working animals include horses, donkeys, mules and camels.  The people are some of the poorest on earth.  One working animals can be responsible for helping to put food on the table for an extended family of 30 people. 

Their animals often have short lives, working in very tough conditions, and many have inadequate food and veterinary care when they are sick and injured. They often work in very hot temperatures indeed without shade and water and proper rest breaks. They often do the jobs of trucks, tractors and/or taxis.

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The campaign has the support of TV star Paul O’Grady.  It is trying to persuade governments and aid organisations to make sure that these amazing working animals receive the care they deserve.  

SPANA works in several ways to help working animals:

  • Last year they gave veterinary treatments to over 200,000 working animals
  • They educate children about caring for their animals - over 70,000 school children took part in SPANA's education programmes last year
  • They work to develop skilled veterinary services around the world and to train owners in good animal welfare practies
  • They do outreach and emergency work when animals are threatened by disaster, drough and conflict 

Here are ways to help and get involved - including sending your stamps in!

Visit SPANA for more information on International Working Animals Day.