Help Animals affected by Hurricanes



You will no doubt have seen the terrible scenes caused by Hurricane Florence and wondered how you can help.  

Pets, working animals, livestock, wildlife, birds and marine life have all been affected by the event and many will have no habitat to come back to as they knew it, so nowhere to rest, nest and feed.  

The needs of the charities working to help animals affected by these hurricanes will change frequently - even daily. They do need financial support in the form of donations, however large or small.  And many will be looking for forever homes for these animals.  

Here are some charities working to help the animals affected by Hurricane Florence.  Thank you to one and all for all you're doing.  I will be adding to them, so please bear with me.  I'll add those for the Philippines and China as soon as I can

Two storms are happening right now - Hurricane Florence is affecting the US east coast.   Typhoon Mangkhut is affecting the Phillipines. You can find out how the two storms compare and the damage expected from each of them here.

If you live in the US, you may well find that one way of helping animals affected by the disaster is to actually help your local animal shelter;  many pets previously in shelters in the affected area have been flown out to other States, to make room for those coming from the rescue area.    Watch out for news on your local TV stations, your local shelters' website and Facebook pages.   

Network for Animals are working to help animals with the Charleston Animal Society.  You can donate here

The Humane Society has been helping animals affected by Hurricane Florence.  It has lots of help and advice about preparing for natural disasters  for pets and horses.  It says

No matter what the specifics of your plan are, follow this basic safety rule: If you are told to evacuate, leave immediately and take your animals. If it's not safe for you, it's not safe for them

You can make a donation to their Emergency Animal Rescue Fund

If you live in Birmingham, Alabama, there’s items you can donate to help the animals affected by Hurricane Florence. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is ready to help and also transport animals affected by Hurricane Florence.

ASPCA Urges Pet Owners to Include Animals in Emergency Plans as Hurricane Florence Approaches East Coast

The ASPCA has advice for pet owners, mainly:

  • If you evacuate, take your pets with you. Never leave your pets behindor tether them to poles or trees – such an action will prevent them from escaping high waters and getting to safe areas.
  • Make sure all pets are wearing ID tags with up-to-date contact information. Microchip your pet as a more permanent form of identification in case collars or tags get lost.
  • Create a portable pet emergency kit with items including medical records, water, water bowls, pet food and your pet’s medications.
  • Choose a designated caregiver, such as a friend or relative outside the evacuation zone, who can take care of your pet in the event you are unable.
  • Download the free ASPCA mobile app.  Pet owners can store crucial pet records needed for boarding pets at evacuation shelters and it’s got a disaster preparedness checklist.  You can donate to the ASPCA here

Getting involved and helping animals affected by hurricanes

Donate money to local shelters working to house and rescue animals in the areas affected by the hurricane. Local shelters helping other shelters affected by hurricanes will have all sorts of needs such as food, veterinary supplies, (cat) litter and so on.  They will need to pay for veterinary care and transporting animals.

Many animal rescues will be taking in animals from shelters hit by the affected areas as those animals are evacuated and taken to safe areas elsewhere.  Staff will need help with fostering – you could find out if yours is one which needs help fostering current animals looking for a home while they look after those arrivals from hurricane hit areas who will need special and particular care.

Look at your local animal rescue centres to see if yours is one taking animals in and if not, look up websites and rescue centres and sanctuaries in the affected counties.

Some charities need volunteers to help by preparing  boats, supplies, and disaster-relief trailers so first-responders can help get animals to safety.

Don’t forget that if your county has rescues who are involved in helping with the displaced animals     who’ve been evacuated from the centres, the staff there will be working around the clock so you could always see if you can help by dropping something to sustain volunteers and staff – food, tea, coffee etc.


What’s happening to horses?

Wild horses survive hurricane florence

Horses finding refuge from hurricane hit areas

Horse owners use social media to get help for somewhere for their horses to stay

Aiken Equine Rescue has an equine disaster relief fund for horse lovers - you can visit their Facebook page or donate through their website


The North Carolina Zoo reports that all its animals are safe and sound though it was closed Monday 17 September 2018 for a clean up after the hurricane.  Similarly the North Carolina Zoo Society was also closed to clean up – it had moved 1,600 animals inside to keep them safe from the hurricane and zookeepers, veterinarians and park rangers stayed with them - and so was Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens who have 2,000 animals in their care.  Virginia Zoo in Norfolk were also making preparations  and you can find out more on their Facebook page.   Fox News reported on how zoos were preparing.


This is difficult.   Many, many have drowned.  I read one report of 3,000 pigs drowning in a barn.  It’s horrible to take in. 

Please watch this page for more news and updates