Please help the Brooke help horses in Egypt


Today I received an email from the Brooke about the plight and suffering of horses in Egypt. These animals need us to help the Brooke help them.

The Chief Executive of the Brooke, Petra Ingram, has just returned from Egypt where the situation is getting worse by the day. Petra gives this report and makes an appeal:

"Thousands of working horses, their owners and families are being directly affected by the unstable political climate in Egypt. Outbreaks of violence continue in Cairo, and it’s hardly surprising that tourist numbers are down dramatically compared to last year.

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The result is there is not enough work to go round for all the horses involved in the tourist industry. The owners make little or no money. They cannot afford enough food for their horses. The horses become malnourished – then deteriorate, slowly and inevitably.

I have seen such very thin horses, forced by economic circumstance to stand in the desert all day in the hope that they might earn valuable tourist currency. I have seen open wounds caused by saddles rubbing on skin stretched over protruding bones. Rarely, in fact, have I seen such suffering – and it will only get worse unless we act now.

We at the Brooke have just begun a supplementary emergency feeding programme. We’ve got the systems in place and have the people on the ground.

This could be a really meaningful 
Christmas gift for a horse lover 

The emergency feeding programme needs to run for the next few months and alongside other year-round, such as veterinary treatment and education sessions, we will save thousands of horses from unnecessary suffering.

This will only be possible because of you and your generosity. I appreciate that this is an expensive time of the year. But there’s no time to waste. We can’t put this off. And I know I can rely on you to help stop the suffering now and to prevent the situation getting any worse."

The Brooke needs our help and our donations to help fund this emergency feeding programme. If the amount they receive exceeds the amount required, donations will be used to support the Brooke's ongoing work in Egypt.

About the Brooke

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