Help animals worldwide from home

Making a difference to animals on the other side of the world
The Internet has given each of us the ability to help animals and make a difference in a number of ways.
We wanted to give you an example of how an animal charity whose base is in the UK are helping animals overseas.  Many are reaching out to help sister charities abroad or set up training and education programmes on the other side of the world for locals.  
Last year, the Brooke cared for 650,000 horses, donkeys and mules in countries ranging from India to Pakistan, Ethiopia to Afghanistan, Israel to Guatemala, and Jordan to Egypt. Mobile ambulances costing £16,000 each send out veterinary teams to help animals, many of whom have collapsed with sheer exhaustion and dehydration at the side of the road, unable to go any further.
The Brooke sees education and training local people as a vital part of its work. In most cases, injury and illness is caused because of poverty and ignorance and superstitious beliefs. The Brooke teams have a number of opportuntiies to carry this out.
  • When they are tending a sick or injured animal, the vet teams talk to the owners to give them advice on how to take care of them. 
  • The Brooke send community health animal advocates, who hold sessions in villages to give instruction and advice as to how to tend to animals and look after them
  • Initiatives such as Donkey Radio in Kenya, whereby locals can listen into a radio station and hear advice and tips on caring for their animals.
How can you contribute to this effort?
There are a number of things you can do. Here are two of them: 
  • Buy a gift for a loved one.  The Brooke Shop has an amazing array of presents you can buy, such as:

    - Paying for a roadside rescue
    - Training a community animal health worker
    - Paying for a vet for a day
    - Buying a water trough, fly fringe, a happy haness pack or healthy eating month
Brooke Exhausted donkey
Exhausted after
a long hard day

Photo above
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Brooke vet treating a horse in Egypt - Dan Abrahams
Brooke vet treating a horse,
photo copyright Dan Abrahams
The Brooke